Feminism vs Humanism

I’m not gonna debate between feminism and humanism or anything like that hehe I just really liked the title😂

Now these two are related in few terms.


I am a feminist,but not like a very ardent one.

I believe that there should be equality between women and men.


Humanity. The very first thing WE should have! Like please.

Without humanity,I don’t understand the point of us existing and do nothing but be some diabolical piece of shit.

There are so many young girls today, I have observed on social media , who are mislead about the term “feminism”

And in turn,become feminazis.

They want to overthrow and outshoot men.

I don’t know how to explain things cause I am myslef part of this generation and my fellow teens around the world are getting the concept all wrong.

There are also people in my school who pretend to be feminists just to look cool and call people “sluts” and “whores” ,again , JUST TO LOOK COOL!


They might think it’s okay to do that but it can hurt people very badly.

If everything including voicing out your opinion,having an open mind,and sometimes even talking to the opposite sex is termed “slut” then I just don’t know what to say.

Countless number of people could be offended by this.

Women supporting feminism sometimes lose humanism in the process and it’s very very wrong.

Putting down other people is not going to take you ANYWHERE.

Im pretty sure I have a blog post about sadists yeah I do gosh.

And worst, feminists who are fair ,when losing a debate end up being feminazis.

It’s just so very sad how people get easily drawn to not-very-nice things.

Even if a person is at his/her’s lowest,they deserve an amount of respect.

Even a beggar deserves respect.

Cuz you might never know,one day u will be in that position and only then will you realise this.

But you don’t have to take it that far.

Showing a slight amount of empathy isn’t going to hurt anyone.

Everyone around you,is human and deserves respect.

Feminazis have a very wrong concept of showing respect only to women just to win the sadness of the rest of the society,

But no.

Each and every soul around u deserves the respect you expect to be given to yourself.

Being nice to everyone might not be possible but stopping yourslef from being really rude to everyone is realistic and humans need to make that happen.

Always think twice before what you do and say.

Slut-shaming sucks.

Feminist? Nope. I would like to refer to myself as Human.

With love,



Music- My escape from reality.


Everyone loves music.
Well some might not ( I personally haven’t met anyone who hates music) ,but nevermind:)

To start off, I am an amateur music compiler.

Yes I make mash ups and compose music from my keyboard.

But I don’t exactly “mix and compose” music so yeah I’m not a DJ either! Eeks. I am one confused soul for sure.

Coming back to the story (I didn’t even start one yet but okay ),

As u guys all know…There have been so many things going on and yes I’ll try my best to fit it all in a post one day 🙂

And there is nothing I could possibly do to distract myself and think about something else!

I had taken a break from this music stuff earlier,and then only few weeks back, I realised that I shouldn’t stop.

So I made one compilation and I it was actually played on the radio.

I was like SO SO SO happy like I was literally in tears.

Only then did I realise that I hadn’t thought about all the bad stuff going on.

All I did was basically keep myself busy and work towards a goal I’ve always wanted to achieve!

Also music, it gives me life!

Whatever the kind.

Old people might think rock/rap is just some punky funky music for the younger generation,but it all has its own effects.

The lyrics of certain songs,they make me feel so much better and forget about all that’s going on!

I’ll put up a post later on with my all time favorites up to date!

Even if a song that I like and I’m listening to doesn’t contain lyrics I can relate to,its beautiful!

So yes,if you wanna escape from bad happenings,simply keep yourself busy. But remember,busy by doing something you love to.

Music,Books and TV shows are my escape from my Reality -which apparently sucks.

What about you?

What is your escape from reality?

What’s your favourite song at the moment?

Comment down below!!!

With love,


I’m alive + my brother.

well yeah.

A lot of things happened in two months and I don’t think I can fit it all in one blog.

But yeah,I would surely introduce you to my brother.

My brother and I have a very… Complicated relationship:/

We have had our ups and downs but now we are in a position where we don’t even talk to each other.

The only times he ever depends on me is when he requires a glass of water or wants me to switch off the fan.

At most times,he gets so annoyed seeing me,he starts shouting at me and asks me why I was born.

I can’t even find out if he really even loves me, because when I look at him , it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t like me.at all.

But like most stories,being a avid reader I must know,deep down inside in situations like this,we know that the character loves his/her sister or whoever it might me depending on the story.

But here,when I even think about it,it just reminds me that ,that is all fiction or something that happens only in stories and to lucky humans unlike me.

There was a time,he used to love me,I guess.

We had lots of fun.

We used to play together.Now the sound of it even sounds like a dream that doesn’t come true.

Getting our arms broken by playing in a bedroom shop,watching TV 24/7 and lying to our parents, playing cricket at night on our bunk bed.

Good old days.

I have not given up,on my brother and the belief that I have that one day he will love me for who I am.

Sometimes, you can’t always get what you want.

All I ever want to deal with my family problems right now,is a brother who would understand me.

But I know I can’t have it.

I can’t make this blog really long,so I will blog about everything else that’s going on later.

Life,does not always give you what you want and does not always take everything you don’t want.

You have to deal with,not give up,and keep believing in yourself.

With love,


Mystery blogger award

Hey guys!

I am so honoured to have been nominated for the Mystery blogger award! My heartiest thanks to  Okoto Enigma (https://okotoenigma.wordpress.com/)  

Here are the Rules:

  • Display Award logo on blog
  • List The Rules
  • Mention Creator Of Award & Provide A Link
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Thank u so much for nominating me zainabsaysblog.wordpress.com and for all the support!I am very grateful!

I am not nominating any blogs further…I’m really sorry guys,I’m new and I don’t really know many blogs oops:/

Questions from my nominee:

1) What is your happy place?

A: My room! Sometimes I just really like to cover myself under the sheets and it’s just so comforting!

2) What inspires you when writing blogs?

A: My love for writing! But The fact that I want my voice to be heard somewhere and where I can totally be myself…Is what inspires me the most!

3) What is the thing that disturbs your peace,the most?

A: Okay…I get annoyed real quick!! The fact that in the place where I live, education to children is not given much importance in the rural areas,the number of humans dying everyday because of cancer,and child labour.

4) Who is your favourite writer of all time?

A: Poetry wise,I would say Shakespeare…His poems are most meaningful and the words are just on point! Fiction,(I read a lot!) I would say Cassandra Clare,my favourite author of ALL time!!!

5) How do you see yourself progressing in the next ten years?!

A: In the next ten years,I would be pursuing my major and probably would have taken this blog to a greater level.Either way,I’ll never stop writing!

 Best post? 

I don’t really which one my best post was but I’ll just share the one which I feel is most liked and relatable!!!

Them Flaws||I overcame my biggest fear

Dictionary says: 

Flaws:-1•A weakness or a mistake.

               2• A mark that spoils something or the other.

                3•Includes your imperfections mentally and physically.


Dictionary writers wasted their time defining “flaw” in a way it isn’t even used.

Flaw:- A perfect imperfection.

That’s it.Although we consider it something really bad.

Dictionaries are not always right after all.

Every human in this world,the person to your left ,right  … Everyone has a flaw.
But we consider this flaw as #1 (refer to the first point of dictionary definition of a “flaw)…which is awfully wrong.

The results we seem to be getting by taking our flaws as our weakness is… depression,stress,sadness etc.

Think of your flaw as a beautiful feature.Its unique in its own special,funny,creative way.

This is how I overcame my fear.

In my previous blog post,i mentioned I was scared to attempt to overcome my fear…But there is no possible way I could do that…unless I believed that my fear was a lie.
My fear was, that people would notice the Humpty number of flaws in me and will not like me anymore.

This is not a fear I could “overcome” just like that.

The first thing I had to do was believe that my flaws were unique and only made me more of myself, and thought how it made me beautiful instead of ugly.

And so I did it.

There goes another strike on my fear list.

If the dictionary defined “flaw” as a perfect imperfection which is beautiful mentally and Physically…this entire world would be less worried.

But the dictionary doesn’t do that.

Well atleast the general dictionary doesn’t.

But your dictionary should.

Have this dictionary in your mind where you think of a word in your way and jot it down.

It helped me overcome a fear that could not be done easily.

I’m pretty sure it will help you in many other ways too 🙂

You are unique in your own way.

So are your flaws.

Your flaws adds to your beauty.

Be proud to be a “flawful” person.

There may be songs and many people Calling the themselves “flawless”,trust me they are not.
I am covered in flaws from head to toe and I’m proud of it:)))

With lots of love,







Sadists here, sadists there,sadists EVERYWHERE

I had to face many challenges.

A very common problem with school kids and teenagers like me, is trying to fit in.

And I was teased several times.Well okay,my entire primary school life was TERRIBLE.

I’ve never really had much of girl company because my neighbors were all guys…

And I never liked pink,barbies, dollhouses,dressing up and so on.

I used to play cricket, soccer and do “girl stuff” like baking and so on.

I was not a tomboy though.Like I was just not interested in EVERYTHING other girls were interested in.

Yeah,I was teased for that.

As I told u guys in one of my earlier posts,I lost my mother when I was 7 years old,and I also had people teasing me for THAT.

After I came to back to class from recess,my bag would be filled with notes saying,”motherless,untamed animal”,and so on…

And I was once deeply offended by that.

It also affected a lot on my academic record.

But after I while,I started to wonder who were those people to tell me who I am.

I mean like they don’t even know me.

I had random people judging me based on ONE fact they knew about my personal life.

That is when I realised that I shouldn’t give a damn about this stuff and “move on”

And today,I feel a little happy with myself for having realized this earlier because it stopped.

People who do this sorta stuff,are sadists,are people whose intention is to hurt others,people who gain happiness by seeing a sad face.

People who we shouldn’t care about.

People who will stop if YOU stop getting offended by their mean,teasing comments.

Once I stopped,they stopped.

Don’t let anyone let you down when you don’t deserve to be let down.

About “fitting in”, there will be this one person who will really understand you and stand by you,no matter what.

If there isn’t anyone,wait.The person will come at the right time.Until then,you have yourself.

If you are a sadist reading this,

This is a request:

Please don’t be sadists.What joy do you get by people crying?¿What way does it affect YOU?

You arent’t on this world to be a burden or a reason for ones sadness but,
To light up ones face with a wide smile across their face.

Lots of love,


Getting discarded.

I’ve experienced this several times.Well,most of us would have.

I had really nice Friends.And trust me,I’m very picky in choosing who I would spend a long time with…But I’m not really good at it I guess.

First I hang out with a group of people.

Then,they find other people to hang out with.


1.They want to show that they can very well do without us.

2.They try to make us understand that we are not fit to be friends with them anymore.

3.They have found someone who they think are far more “cooler” than us.

I used to weigh all these problems on my head,thinking I really wasn’t “cool” or “fit” to be friends with them.

But then I realised,I don’t give a damn about being “cool” nor should I!

I realised I prefer being the one who is betrayed than being the one who betrays.

And this might have happened to them too.

People just don’t like opening their mouth and telling stuff way more meaningful.All they do is think if they do the same to others,they are “cool”

I didn’t realise this,until I found out one of my friends was facing this problem and told me all this.I was really happy in fact,to hear something like this come out of a person’s mouth.

Thanks to her,I have now understood that I don’t need people who don’t want me in their life, to distract and intrude mine.

I really think,you should all be yourself and hang out with people who like u for being YOU.

That kind of friendship is what I now refer to as “cool”

Have you all faced the same problem?Let me know in the comments down below…I’m sure we can help each other out:)

Thank you all so much for the support again…This space I have for speaking out has really helped me:))



Laziness and side effects.

Helloo world!

Yeah okay.

Confession number___ : I am very very lazy.

Side effects of laziness:

  1. Procrastination 
  2. Losing interest 
  3. There will be a strike on one of your talents.

And more. I can’t rlly type down everything you know.

When I love to do something,I do it readily.

But after a certain time,I start feeling LAZY to do it.I keep telling myself I’ll do it later on but never works.

Then,after a period of time,I forget and lose interest about it.

Everything you love to do is also a talent.There goes a reduction on the talents section.

I therefore advise you all to do the particular thing then and there.I am myself trying!

This applies for things you all love.

What about the things you HAVE to do?

There might be a difference in the two but the answer is the same!

What if your heart starts feeling lazy one day…

Heart: I’m too lazy to pump blood now,I’ll do it later.Good night,I’m sleepy


For your life I mean,not the blog.Well almost the blog too:)

So don’t get all lazy to do things!Join me on this journey for getting rid of laziness!

Lots of love,