“Only those who are very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry” ~ Theresa Gray,The Infernal Devices

“We live and breathe words.It was books that kept me from taking my life when I thought I couldn’t love anyone,be loved by anyone;It was books that made me feel like perhaps I was not completely alone”~Will Herondale,The Infernal Devices

I love books.


I’d prefer reading books all day rather than dealing with all the mess going on this world.

‘Cause between the pages of a book is a beautiful place to be!

You know that feeling when you are like absorbed into what you are reading,and it’s just you and the Amazing characters of a the book you are reading away from the reality that apparently sucks?


The quotes I mentioned above are from characters from a book series written by Cassandra Clare.And guess what? That series, “the infernal devices”  changed my life. There was so much I learnt from that book…it’s just mind-blowing.

From love to compassion each character has their own problems apart from the fantasy part of it.Its just beautiful how it’s all put together.It has an amazing love triangle to be honest which is the best triangle I’ve been come across.

But when u describe the triangle,it just becomes super duper boring.Like,this is how it would go.

“So there’s this girl .And there are two guys. The girl loves them both.The boys both lover her…….”

Like how boring.

See anyone could come up with something like that!!!

It’s just the way it’s written.Like this story covers  Theresa Gray’s side,about her feelings and so’s so beautifully described…I could like really feel the character!

I may not be an amazing writer ,but I’m definitely an avid reader.

I’ve read many books from novels to latest fiction including Great Expectations,The Mortal Instruments,The Dark Artifices,Pride and Prejudice etc.

My favourite novel is “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens…There is like so much you can learn every time you read the book! I love the opening it goes like…

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way — in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only. “A Tale of Two Cities,Chapter 1

And don’t even get me started on The Fault in our stars.

People think it’s just this sappy book where there’s a girl suffering from cancer and she meets​ this guy who is a cancer survivor and they hit it off but in the end there’s a sudden twist where the guy dies.

I get so maddd when people describe it like that …it’s not the book’s fault you don’t understand the depth of the book ugh.

There’s so much more to that book.Like just how another normal guy makes a girl’s miserable life brighter and happier.Do you not wanna be that kind of a person?

If there is so much we can learn from reading one book,imagine the amount  of  knowledge we can gain from umpteen number of books!
Whether the genre is Sci-fi,Horror,Drama or Comedy …There is always something to learn when you are open-minded and ready to to.

Encouraging reading is an amazing thing to do not only for vocabulary purposes but also for escaping the real world;)

I’ll probably start doing book reviews now and then hehe




Pride Month🌈

So it’s Pride Month yay!

I love how amazing this month is just because of this.

But even after having a day for each category of humans I don’t think this world is anywhere near improving its acceptence.

Are you gay?A lesbian?A polysexual,bisexual, pansexual or omnisexual?

My answer to any of the above: Nicee!

This world may or may not accept the above but that doesn’t mean you hide yourself and pretend to be someone you are not.

You should be able to come forward,scream to your maximum and tell the world who you are without being ashamed.

Because once you stop accepting your own self,your dreams, happiness and future; they are all gone. They just,vanish slowly.

You don’t want that to happen do you?

Continue reaching for the stars.

Don’t let ANYTHING OR ANYONE stop you.

‘Cause like I’ve said before,what you think about yourself matters more than what the entire world thinks about you!

I haven’t personally met anyone who is gay or a lesbian who is not ashamed of themselves in the 13yrs I’ve existed.

Connor Franta,Joey Graceffa,James Charles, Patrick Starr.

Well how are they so famous?

They make YouTube videos and are completely themselves and I don’t know anyone who’s ever hated them!Imagine the amount of courage that must have required!

Take it from them.

I may not know what bisexuals or polysexuals go through but I do know that they suffer a lot .

Make use of this month and try to prove yourself brave, courageous and unashamed of yourself!

Show the world who you really are!

And for the rest of you, accept each and everyone around you.It shouldn’t matter what their sexuality is.

Take pride in being who you are:))

Lots of love,


13 things you should never forget to remember:)

1. After the end of Everything,it’s just you,your thoughts and your mind left to decide on everything which works way better if u trust yourself with things 

2. Not having so many friends isnt “uncool” ; it’s just being wise enough to pick few who you know you won’t have to let go

3. Love yourself cuz why not?

4. Love what life brings you,gives you,and hold on to it like it’s the last thing you will ever be able to touch,feel or cry over even if it’s a bad thing cuz when you are at your lowest, your decisions matter and when trusting Yourself,you can handle all the bad things like a piece of cakee.

5. What you think about yourself is 10000 times more important than what the world thinks of you.

6. Remember to Appreciate all the lil things in life ’cause you don’t wanna regret every moment of your life after you lose it.

7. Whether it’s a mini van or a Ferrari ,be grateful u have something to take u places.

8. Fat,tall,short,thin,ugly,pretty are just a set of letters that don’t have to matter all the time

9. Be yourself,don’t ever play a fake you just to impress others; it’s definitely not gonna take you anywhere

10. Make decisions yourself don’t let others hate affect you.

11. Bullies and sadists are people who need serious counselling in life you don’t gotta worry abt them ; forget their existence,focus on yours.

12. Life can make you a celebrity in a day; don’t ever lose that selfless attitude and lose humanity which is what makes you human.

13. After all, You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.

So these are just a few things that got me, a 13 year old,going for a complete academic year and this blog has helped me so very much; I can’t express in words how cheerful I am these days and so very grateful ’cause few months back I wouldn’t have been able to console myself and get back into the game of life which I had been defeated at several times.

Spread Positivity like how a forest spreads fire🔥❤

With luv,


Fat pride

Please don’t judge the title thank you 😂

So recently,I attended this workshop on personality development ’cause I got a spot for free and I was like why waste it so I ended up going …

It’s like this 5 hour long class for 9 days straight.I didn’t attend every single day as the workshop to be honest wasn’t very effective and it didn’t stick to the topic.

But those 9 days even were like hell. Hell meaning High School as portrayed in movies.I wasn’t bothered by the bullies and as much as I wanted to go ,slap them and give them a piece of my mind,I decided to stay quite ’cause they did just like little stuff for fun which isn’t something I appreciated much but okay..

So this one certain incident wanted me to blog abt accepting yourself/myself/ourselves.

So during break time,I saw this girl crying and I really wanted to help so I approached her and she said she was sad because few guys made fun of her as she was fat. Her exact words were “They teased me for being fat”

I gave her this little talk and chit chatted with her for a while but this made me realise something

I learnt two things in this 15 minute incident.

First,if it were some other person there and personally I’ve given talks like that to many people who cry for being called fat and their exact words would be ” they r making fun of me cuz they think I’m fat” But this girl, she accepted herself ,she did. She stressed on “being fat” .Maybe we should all just accept who we are,our weaknesses,our strengths.We all have good and bad in us…but it is how we bring it out and show ourselves strong.

Second, I am not fat. 

But some people think being called “fat” is like being called “black” in front of a large crowd of people.

Are you fat? Yes or no I don’t care.AT ALL. 

You are beautiful just the way you are.And I can tell ’cause all u need to do is smile.

The whole world might not have this mindset.And we can’t tell the ENTIRE world but we can do little things to change this diabolical attitude in people.

Either you give them time to change or YOU change.

And by changing yourself,I don’t mean get a liposuction done the next day,…

I mean ,take pride in being fat.

Make yourself look supreme and powerful in front of goofs making fun of you.

“Hahahhaha look at that fat girl” “Hahahaha look at that fat boy”

Widen your mouth and smirk like crazy ,let’s see how they go beyond that.

Accept yourself for who you are.

Also,thank you so much for the support I specially want to thank Zainab Zahid,if you are reading this,you might not know but your sweet comments are what keeps me going.

With luv,


 Stage Fear

It’s funny how I never find a nice way to start a blog bless me.

Ever felt like it’s very easy for you to perform on stage because you have practiced A LOT?

People who usually have stage fear as far as I know,either have no confidence or are over confident.

Except my case is a little different!

I am confident just enough.

I practice day and night.

And I perform often.

But it’s just that moment when I got on stage .

I see all the people.

And my fear is not a huge huge huge one but still like this arrow passing through my heart.

I don’t completely lose my confidence but I start trembling like CRAZY.

Do you have stage fear?

Do u perform often?

If you do have stage fear,what are your tips to overcome them?

Mind sharing them with me? 😉

Please don’t leave me looking all lonely in the comment box pretty please with sugar on top!!!!!!

Also guys, I’m planning on writing a long long long blog about being “socially awkward” and if it gets positive reaction,maybe I’ll convert into an anonymous book ?! 

Thanking you all for 50+ follows agn, and your wonderful wonderful support which keeps me going everyday xx

With love,


Second chances?

Mmm I’m very iffy about this topic.

I have given second chances for many many things but only like some have turned out to be worth it.

I personally feel that second chances should be limited to things I trust.

Second chances on participating in some kind of a challenge? Done

Second chances on trying again after u fail? Done

Second chances for people? 


I am like this person who believes in forgiving Everyone for the mistakes they commit.

And it may sound like a nice thing to do.

But, I very recently realised that everytime I give second chances for a person ,I have to think twice too and be wise at the same time.

Especially in terms of friendship.

I became like really good friends with this person who messes up everytime ’cause I just simply can’t tell,it is probably her nature.

Her attitude.

Her humanity.

Her actions.

Her way of reacting things.

It’s all just so very annoying.

She just goes on betraying people to form like a squad and her ultimate aim is like to be the “coolest” kid of our grade.

And it’s so annoying because I don’t see how being less human is cool like seriously.

(Wow this is turning into a gossip page where I don’t have to worry about the secret spreading eeks)

I have given her several chances and every time she just apologizes and does the same Thing over and over again.

And I just have to accept the fact that some people are never gonna change.

But the difficult part of accepting this is that there was a time when I loved her.

I was also distracted by all the stupid stuff she did.

And I only ended up like her for a while when I realised I was wrong.

Don’t let people change you.

Sometimes,you just have let go.

The more number of chances u give on a worthless friendship,the more it’s gonna hurt u when u finally plan to let go.

I am done with her.

With love,


Feminism vs Humanism

I’m not gonna debate between feminism and humanism or anything like that hehe I just really liked the title😂

Now these two are related in few terms.


I am a feminist,but not like a very ardent one.

I believe that there should be equality between women and men.


Humanity. The very first thing WE should have! Like please.

Without humanity,I don’t understand the point of us existing and do nothing but be some diabolical piece of shit.

There are so many young girls today, I have observed on social media , who are mislead about the term “feminism”

And in turn,become feminazis.

They want to overthrow and outshoot men.

I don’t know how to explain things cause I am myslef part of this generation and my fellow teens around the world are getting the concept all wrong.

There are also people in my school who pretend to be feminists just to look cool and call people “sluts” and “whores” ,again , JUST TO LOOK COOL!


They might think it’s okay to do that but it can hurt people very badly.

If everything including voicing out your opinion,having an open mind,and sometimes even talking to the opposite sex is termed “slut” then I just don’t know what to say.

Countless number of people could be offended by this.

Women supporting feminism sometimes lose humanism in the process and it’s very very wrong.

Putting down other people is not going to take you ANYWHERE.

Im pretty sure I have a blog post about sadists yeah I do gosh.

And worst, feminists who are fair ,when losing a debate end up being feminazis.

It’s just so very sad how people get easily drawn to not-very-nice things.

Even if a person is at his/her’s lowest,they deserve an amount of respect.

Even a beggar deserves respect.

Cuz you might never know,one day u will be in that position and only then will you realise this.

But you don’t have to take it that far.

Showing a slight amount of empathy isn’t going to hurt anyone.

Everyone around you,is human and deserves respect.

Feminazis have a very wrong concept of showing respect only to women just to win the sadness of the rest of the society,

But no.

Each and every soul around u deserves the respect you expect to be given to yourself.

Being nice to everyone might not be possible but stopping yourslef from being really rude to everyone is realistic and humans need to make that happen.

Always think twice before what you do and say.

Slut-shaming sucks.

Feminist? Nope. I would like to refer to myself as Human.

With love,