I don’t understand how to put this in words…I just don’t.

This blog is for people who thought they could trust this one person and this one person would be their forever.

After all the drama with my friends in school,I met this one girl who made me smile every time she said something.Our relationship only grew stronger leaving out all the ups and downs we had once in a while.I left all my friends for her,when she was at her lowest.

Our friendship was not something normal.We did joke about a lot of things,did things other girls would do…but we also shared our deepest secrets to one another…secrets that have been stuck in our minds for so long,waiting to come out.

It was better than a million other friendship goals.

But,like always.,,an end came.

We didn’t fight,we didn’t scream at each other,we didn’t quarrel on Instagram….nothing.

She just stopped talking to me all of a sudden.She wouldn’t give me a reason why.

I started to wonder if it’s because she stopped liking me or whether she ever liked me.

I don’t know anything.

And this time ,I’m not blaming it on her.

I’m just gonna let her go.

That’s probably one of the most difficult things I’ve done in my life but yet sometimes you just have to get your shit together and let it go.

I’m not ready yet to completely move on but I’m always open for new things finding their way to me:)

I’m not going to bitch about her or create all sorts of drama.

‘Cause I believe that someday, somewhere , sometime there is something good awaiting me .

And that belief is all that you require to hold on to life:)

There may or may not be a forever,but remember sometimes you just have to let things go and have a strong belief something better always exists.

And don’t forget ,always be grateful for what you have right here,right now:)

Thank you friend,for teaching me a wonderful lesson which I will never forget in my life,is all I have left to say:)

Lots of love,



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