Pride Month🌈

So it’s Pride Month yay!

I love how amazing this month is just because of this.

But even after having a day for each category of humans I don’t think this world is anywhere near improving its acceptence.

Are you gay?A lesbian?A polysexual,bisexual, pansexual or omnisexual?

My answer to any of the above: Nicee!

This world may or may not accept the above but that doesn’t mean you hide yourself and pretend to be someone you are not.

You should be able to come forward,scream to your maximum and tell the world who you are without being ashamed.

Because once you stop accepting your own self,your dreams, happiness and future; they are all gone. They just,vanish slowly.

You don’t want that to happen do you?

Continue reaching for the stars.

Don’t let ANYTHING OR ANYONE stop you.

‘Cause like I’ve said before,what you think about yourself matters more than what the entire world thinks about you!

I haven’t personally met anyone who is gay or a lesbian who is not ashamed of themselves in the 13yrs I’ve existed.

Connor Franta,Joey Graceffa,James Charles, Patrick Starr.

Well how are they so famous?

They make YouTube videos and are completely themselves and I don’t know anyone who’s ever hated them!Imagine the amount of courage that must have required!

Take it from them.

I may not know what bisexuals or polysexuals go through but I do know that they suffer a lot .

Make use of this month and try to prove yourself brave, courageous and unashamed of yourself!

Show the world who you really are!

And for the rest of you, accept each and everyone around you.It shouldn’t matter what their sexuality is.

Take pride in being who you are:))

Lots of love,



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