13 things you should never forget to remember:)

1. After the end of Everything,it’s just you,your thoughts and your mind left to decide on everything which works way better if u trust yourself with things 

2. Not having so many friends isnt “uncool” ; it’s just being wise enough to pick few who you know you won’t have to let go

3. Love yourself cuz why not?

4. Love what life brings you,gives you,and hold on to it like it’s the last thing you will ever be able to touch,feel or cry over even if it’s a bad thing cuz when you are at your lowest, your decisions matter and when trusting Yourself,you can handle all the bad things like a piece of cakee.

5. What you think about yourself is 10000 times more important than what the world thinks of you.

6. Remember to Appreciate all the lil things in life ’cause you don’t wanna regret every moment of your life after you lose it.

7. Whether it’s a mini van or a Ferrari ,be grateful u have something to take u places.

8. Fat,tall,short,thin,ugly,pretty are just a set of letters that don’t have to matter all the time

9. Be yourself,don’t ever play a fake you just to impress others; it’s definitely not gonna take you anywhere

10. Make decisions yourself don’t let others hate affect you.

11. Bullies and sadists are people who need serious counselling in life you don’t gotta worry abt them ; forget their existence,focus on yours.

12. Life can make you a celebrity in a day; don’t ever lose that selfless attitude and lose humanity which is what makes you human.

13. After all, You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.

So these are just a few things that got me, a 13 year old,going for a complete academic year and this blog has helped me so very much; I can’t express in words how cheerful I am these days and so very grateful ’cause few months back I wouldn’t have been able to console myself and get back into the game of life which I had been defeated at several times.

Spread Positivity like how a forest spreads fire🔥❤

With luv,



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