Fat pride

Please don’t judge the title thank you 😂

So recently,I attended this workshop on personality development ’cause I got a spot for free and I was like why waste it so I ended up going …

It’s like this 5 hour long class for 9 days straight.I didn’t attend every single day as the workshop to be honest wasn’t very effective and it didn’t stick to the topic.

But those 9 days even were like hell. Hell meaning High School as portrayed in movies.I wasn’t bothered by the bullies and as much as I wanted to go ,slap them and give them a piece of my mind,I decided to stay quite ’cause they did just like little stuff for fun which isn’t something I appreciated much but okay..

So this one certain incident wanted me to blog abt accepting yourself/myself/ourselves.

So during break time,I saw this girl crying and I really wanted to help so I approached her and she said she was sad because few guys made fun of her as she was fat. Her exact words were “They teased me for being fat”

I gave her this little talk and chit chatted with her for a while but this made me realise something

I learnt two things in this 15 minute incident.

First,if it were some other person there and personally I’ve given talks like that to many people who cry for being called fat and their exact words would be ” they r making fun of me cuz they think I’m fat” But this girl, she accepted herself ,she did. She stressed on “being fat” .Maybe we should all just accept who we are,our weaknesses,our strengths.We all have good and bad in us…but it is how we bring it out and show ourselves strong.

Second, I am not fat. 

But some people think being called “fat” is like being called “black” in front of a large crowd of people.


Are you fat? Yes or no I don’t care.AT ALL. 

You are beautiful just the way you are.And I can tell ’cause all u need to do is smile.

The whole world might not have this mindset.And we can’t tell the ENTIRE world but we can do little things to change this diabolical attitude in people.

Either you give them time to change or YOU change.

And by changing yourself,I don’t mean get a liposuction done the next day,…

I mean ,take pride in being fat.

Make yourself look supreme and powerful in front of goofs making fun of you.

“Hahahhaha look at that fat girl” “Hahahaha look at that fat boy”

Widen your mouth and smirk like crazy ,let’s see how they go beyond that.

Accept yourself for who you are.

Also,thank you so much for the support I specially want to thank Zainab Zahid,if you are reading this,you might not know but your sweet comments are what keeps me going.

With luv,



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