Stage Fear

It’s funny how I never find a nice way to start a blog bless me.

Ever felt like it’s very easy for you to perform on stage because you have practiced A LOT?

People who usually have stage fear as far as I know,either have no confidence or are over confident.

Except my case is a little different!

I am confident just enough.

I practice day and night.

And I perform often.

But it’s just that moment when I got on stage .

I see all the people.

And my fear is not a huge huge huge one but still like this arrow passing through my heart.

I don’t completely lose my confidence but I start trembling like CRAZY.

Do you have stage fear?

Do u perform often?

If you do have stage fear,what are your tips to overcome them?

Mind sharing them with me? 😉

Please don’t leave me looking all lonely in the comment box pretty please with sugar on top!!!!!!

Also guys, I’m planning on writing a long long long blog about being “socially awkward” and if it gets positive reaction,maybe I’ll convert into an anonymous book ?! 

Thanking you all for 50+ follows agn, and your wonderful wonderful support which keeps me going everyday xx

With love,



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