Second chances?

Mmm I’m very iffy about this topic.

I have given second chances for many many things but only like some have turned out to be worth it.

I personally feel that second chances should be limited to things I trust.

Second chances on participating in some kind of a challenge? Done

Second chances on trying again after u fail? Done

Second chances for people? 


I am like this person who believes in forgiving Everyone for the mistakes they commit.

And it may sound like a nice thing to do.

But, I very recently realised that everytime I give second chances for a person ,I have to think twice too and be wise at the same time.

Especially in terms of friendship.

I became like really good friends with this person who messes up everytime ’cause I just simply can’t tell,it is probably her nature.

Her attitude.

Her humanity.

Her actions.

Her way of reacting things.

It’s all just so very annoying.

She just goes on betraying people to form like a squad and her ultimate aim is like to be the “coolest” kid of our grade.

And it’s so annoying because I don’t see how being less human is cool like seriously.

(Wow this is turning into a gossip page where I don’t have to worry about the secret spreading eeks)

I have given her several chances and every time she just apologizes and does the same Thing over and over again.

And I just have to accept the fact that some people are never gonna change.

But the difficult part of accepting this is that there was a time when I loved her.

I was also distracted by all the stupid stuff she did.

And I only ended up like her for a while when I realised I was wrong.

Don’t let people change you.

Sometimes,you just have let go.

The more number of chances u give on a worthless friendship,the more it’s gonna hurt u when u finally plan to let go.

I am done with her.

With love,



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