Feminism vs Humanism

I’m not gonna debate between feminism and humanism or anything like that hehe I just really liked the title😂

Now these two are related in few terms.


I am a feminist,but not like a very ardent one.

I believe that there should be equality between women and men.


Humanity. The very first thing WE should have! Like please.

Without humanity,I don’t understand the point of us existing and do nothing but be some diabolical piece of shit.

There are so many young girls today, I have observed on social media , who are mislead about the term “feminism”

And in turn,become feminazis.

They want to overthrow and outshoot men.

I don’t know how to explain things cause I am myslef part of this generation and my fellow teens around the world are getting the concept all wrong.

There are also people in my school who pretend to be feminists just to look cool and call people “sluts” and “whores” ,again , JUST TO LOOK COOL!


They might think it’s okay to do that but it can hurt people very badly.

If everything including voicing out your opinion,having an open mind,and sometimes even talking to the opposite sex is termed “slut” then I just don’t know what to say.

Countless number of people could be offended by this.

Women supporting feminism sometimes lose humanism in the process and it’s very very wrong.

Putting down other people is not going to take you ANYWHERE.

Im pretty sure I have a blog post about sadists yeah I do gosh.

And worst, feminists who are fair ,when losing a debate end up being feminazis.

It’s just so very sad how people get easily drawn to not-very-nice things.

Even if a person is at his/her’s lowest,they deserve an amount of respect.

Even a beggar deserves respect.

Cuz you might never know,one day u will be in that position and only then will you realise this.

But you don’t have to take it that far.

Showing a slight amount of empathy isn’t going to hurt anyone.

Everyone around you,is human and deserves respect.

Feminazis have a very wrong concept of showing respect only to women just to win the sadness of the rest of the society,

But no.

Each and every soul around u deserves the respect you expect to be given to yourself.

Being nice to everyone might not be possible but stopping yourslef from being really rude to everyone is realistic and humans need to make that happen.

Always think twice before what you do and say.

Slut-shaming sucks.

Feminist? Nope. I would like to refer to myself as Human.

With love,



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