Music- My escape from reality.


Everyone loves music.
Well some might not ( I personally haven’t met anyone who hates music) ,but nevermind:)

To start off, I am an amateur music compiler.

Yes I make mash ups and compose music from my keyboard.

But I don’t exactly “mix and compose” music so yeah I’m not a DJ either! Eeks. I am one confused soul for sure.

Coming back to the story (I didn’t even start one yet but okay ),

As u guys all know…There have been so many things going on and yes I’ll try my best to fit it all in a post one day 🙂

And there is nothing I could possibly do to distract myself and think about something else!

I had taken a break from this music stuff earlier,and then only few weeks back, I realised that I shouldn’t stop.

So I made one compilation and I it was actually played on the radio.

I was like SO SO SO happy like I was literally in tears.

Only then did I realise that I hadn’t thought about all the bad stuff going on.

All I did was basically keep myself busy and work towards a goal I’ve always wanted to achieve!

Also music, it gives me life!

Whatever the kind.

Old people might think rock/rap is just some punky funky music for the younger generation,but it all has its own effects.

The lyrics of certain songs,they make me feel so much better and forget about all that’s going on!

I’ll put up a post later on with my all time favorites up to date!

Even if a song that I like and I’m listening to doesn’t contain lyrics I can relate to,its beautiful!

So yes,if you wanna escape from bad happenings,simply keep yourself busy. But remember,busy by doing something you love to.

Music,Books and TV shows are my escape from my Reality -which apparently sucks.

What about you?

What is your escape from reality?

What’s your favourite song at the moment?

Comment down below!!!

With love,



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