Mystery blogger award

Hey guys!

I am so honoured to have been nominated for the Mystery blogger award! My heartiest thanks to  Okoto Enigma (  

Here are the Rules:

  • Display Award logo on blog
  • List The Rules
  • Mention Creator Of Award & Provide A Link
  • Thank The Blogger(s) Who Nominated You & Provide A Link
  • Say 3 Things About Yourself
  • Nominate From 10 To 20 Bloggers
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  • Answer 5 Questions From Nominee
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  • Share Your Best Post

Thank u so much for nominating me and for all the support!I am very grateful!

I am not nominating any blogs further…I’m really sorry guys,I’m new and I don’t really know many blogs oops:/

Questions from my nominee:

1) What is your happy place?

A: My room! Sometimes I just really like to cover myself under the sheets and it’s just so comforting!

2) What inspires you when writing blogs?

A: My love for writing! But The fact that I want my voice to be heard somewhere and where I can totally be myself…Is what inspires me the most!

3) What is the thing that disturbs your peace,the most?

A: Okay…I get annoyed real quick!! The fact that in the place where I live, education to children is not given much importance in the rural areas,the number of humans dying everyday because of cancer,and child labour.

4) Who is your favourite writer of all time?

A: Poetry wise,I would say Shakespeare…His poems are most meaningful and the words are just on point! Fiction,(I read a lot!) I would say Cassandra Clare,my favourite author of ALL time!!!

5) How do you see yourself progressing in the next ten years?!

A: In the next ten years,I would be pursuing my major and probably would have taken this blog to a greater level.Either way,I’ll never stop writing!

 Best post? 

I don’t really which one my best post was but I’ll just share the one which I feel is most liked and relatable!!!

Them Flaws||I overcame my biggest fear

Dictionary says: 

Flaws:-1•A weakness or a mistake.

               2• A mark that spoils something or the other.

                3•Includes your imperfections mentally and physically.


Dictionary writers wasted their time defining “flaw” in a way it isn’t even used.

Flaw:- A perfect imperfection.

That’s it.Although we consider it something really bad.

Dictionaries are not always right after all.

Every human in this world,the person to your left ,right  … Everyone has a flaw.
But we consider this flaw as #1 (refer to the first point of dictionary definition of a “flaw)…which is awfully wrong.

The results we seem to be getting by taking our flaws as our weakness is… depression,stress,sadness etc.

Think of your flaw as a beautiful feature.Its unique in its own special,funny,creative way.

This is how I overcame my fear.

In my previous blog post,i mentioned I was scared to attempt to overcome my fear…But there is no possible way I could do that…unless I believed that my fear was a lie.
My fear was, that people would notice the Humpty number of flaws in me and will not like me anymore.

This is not a fear I could “overcome” just like that.

The first thing I had to do was believe that my flaws were unique and only made me more of myself, and thought how it made me beautiful instead of ugly.

And so I did it.

There goes another strike on my fear list.

If the dictionary defined “flaw” as a perfect imperfection which is beautiful mentally and Physically…this entire world would be less worried.

But the dictionary doesn’t do that.

Well atleast the general dictionary doesn’t.

But your dictionary should.

Have this dictionary in your mind where you think of a word in your way and jot it down.

It helped me overcome a fear that could not be done easily.

I’m pretty sure it will help you in many other ways too 🙂

You are unique in your own way.

So are your flaws.

Your flaws adds to your beauty.

Be proud to be a “flawful” person.

There may be songs and many people Calling the themselves “flawless”,trust me they are not.
I am covered in flaws from head to toe and I’m proud of it:)))

With lots of love,








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