Sadists here, sadists there,sadists EVERYWHERE

I had to face many challenges.

A very common problem with school kids and teenagers like me, is trying to fit in.

And I was teased several times.Well okay,my entire primary school life was TERRIBLE.

I’ve never really had much of girl company because my neighbors were all guys…

And I never liked pink,barbies, dollhouses,dressing up and so on.

I used to play cricket, soccer and do “girl stuff” like baking and so on.

I was not a tomboy though.Like I was just not interested in EVERYTHING other girls were interested in.

Yeah,I was teased for that.

As I told u guys in one of my earlier posts,I lost my mother when I was 7 years old,and I also had people teasing me for THAT.

After I came to back to class from recess,my bag would be filled with notes saying,”motherless,untamed animal”,and so on…

And I was once deeply offended by that.

It also affected a lot on my academic record.

But after I while,I started to wonder who were those people to tell me who I am.

I mean like they don’t even know me.

I had random people judging me based on ONE fact they knew about my personal life.

That is when I realised that I shouldn’t give a damn about this stuff and “move on”

And today,I feel a little happy with myself for having realized this earlier because it stopped.

People who do this sorta stuff,are sadists,are people whose intention is to hurt others,people who gain happiness by seeing a sad face.

People who we shouldn’t care about.

People who will stop if YOU stop getting offended by their mean,teasing comments.

Once I stopped,they stopped.

Don’t let anyone let you down when you don’t deserve to be let down.

About “fitting in”, there will be this one person who will really understand you and stand by you,no matter what.

If there isn’t anyone,wait.The person will come at the right time.Until then,you have yourself.

If you are a sadist reading this,

This is a request:

Please don’t be sadists.What joy do you get by people crying?¿What way does it affect YOU?

You arent’t on this world to be a burden or a reason for ones sadness but,
To light up ones face with a wide smile across their face.

Lots of love,



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