Getting discarded.

I’ve experienced this several times.Well,most of us would have.

I had really nice Friends.And trust me,I’m very picky in choosing who I would spend a long time with…But I’m not really good at it I guess.

First I hang out with a group of people.

Then,they find other people to hang out with.


1.They want to show that they can very well do without us.

2.They try to make us understand that we are not fit to be friends with them anymore.

3.They have found someone who they think are far more “cooler” than us.

I used to weigh all these problems on my head,thinking I really wasn’t “cool” or “fit” to be friends with them.

But then I realised,I don’t give a damn about being “cool” nor should I!

I realised I prefer being the one who is betrayed than being the one who betrays.

And this might have happened to them too.

People just don’t like opening their mouth and telling stuff way more meaningful.All they do is think if they do the same to others,they are “cool”

I didn’t realise this,until I found out one of my friends was facing this problem and told me all this.I was really happy in fact,to hear something like this come out of a person’s mouth.

Thanks to her,I have now understood that I don’t need people who don’t want me in their life, to distract and intrude mine.

I really think,you should all be yourself and hang out with people who like u for being YOU.

That kind of friendship is what I now refer to as “cool”

Have you all faced the same problem?Let me know in the comments down below…I’m sure we can help each other out:)

Thank you all so much for the support again…This space I have for speaking out has really helped me:))




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