Laziness and side effects.

Helloo world!

Yeah okay.

Confession number___ : I am very very lazy.

Side effects of laziness:

  1. Procrastination 
  2. Losing interest 
  3. There will be a strike on one of your talents.

And more. I can’t rlly type down everything you know.

When I love to do something,I do it readily.

But after a certain time,I start feeling LAZY to do it.I keep telling myself I’ll do it later on but never works.

Then,after a period of time,I forget and lose interest about it.

Everything you love to do is also a talent.There goes a reduction on the talents section.

I therefore advise you all to do the particular thing then and there.I am myself trying!

This applies for things you all love.

What about the things you HAVE to do?

There might be a difference in the two but the answer is the same!

What if your heart starts feeling lazy one day…

Heart: I’m too lazy to pump blood now,I’ll do it later.Good night,I’m sleepy


For your life I mean,not the blog.Well almost the blog too:)

So don’t get all lazy to do things!Join me on this journey for getting rid of laziness!

Lots of love,



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