I am even scared to talk about fears because there is a lot to say and I’m scared I might miss out on something😂

I know I haven’t posted in a while and it’s because of my rash and terrible…WiFi connection.

It takes a whole deal of courage to overcome fears.

And I haven’t yet.

I have only spoken about overcoming fears.And the situation I am in is very…funny?

Let me put it this way…I am scared I would not be Able to overcome my fear before even attempting to it.

That’s my biggest fear.

The period between overcoming my fear and attempting to it is very intricate I would say.

I have a list of fears I’m sort of ready to face but I fail when I get the opportunity to…Is anyone out there who has faced the same situation?

If yes,then please do comment below and lets be honest with each other and solve our problems.

Overcoming fears is not very facile as I thought it was…And if you have experienced this kind of situation in the past,please do me a favour and comment down below.

I am still learning ,but always remember..

Don’t let your fears and harsh feedback stop you from doing what you love :)))

Fear is a liar.

With lots of love,



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