AreAre you happy with the life god has given you?

Have you all ever wondered and asked yourslef why your life sucks?

I have.

Before I read this book👇

Most of you would have already read this book- The fault in our stars.

I’ve read this book several times and a very long time ago.

This book might be old but I never get bored reading it!

It teaches me something more every time I read it!

Before I started reading this book,people tried spoiling the book for me and this is how they did it.

“So basically there is this girl suffering from lung cancer.She is still not in a very healthy position but can live for a while.Then she meets this guy who is a cancer survivor when she was losing hope.They fall in love.They have a lot of fun.The guy dies.”

I was like.WHAT.But i still read the book and I’m like,this is not it.There is so much more to this book than just a normal love story.

The life of this girl is very complicated but she somehow adjusts and does stuff to make her parents happy!

The author,John Green,has written this book in such a way,a person can learn something new every time they read it.

Trust me,if you haven’t read this book,Its high time,you read it already.

And again if you aren’t a reader,doesnt matter.Give it a go!

Be open to new things.Open in such a way ,if a person asks you what your hobbies are,you should be able to give a list bigger than a grocery list written by someone who hasn’t purchased for 6 months.

Also.Appreciate yourself.I used to be so vain and wonder why my life was boring but then I realized that I’m so very gifted!I get to have three meals a day,have people who care for me and Even the ability to blog.Most people can’t even do or have all of this.

Being the reason for someone else to smile,will make you too a cheerful person!

With lots of love,



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