Teenage girl issues.

I really wanted to make this post for so long.

You know what stresses me out the most?

The way people expect us to look perfect and be perfect ALL THE TIME!

And I used to go along with this and thought there was no way out of this.

But yesterday,there was a get together organised by my dad’s workplace and it was like a launching ceremony.My family was running late(we always do),but however,my mom managed to dress us really well.I did not feel like dressing up!I don’t even enjoy dressing up so much!I just wore this hoodie which has “GAP” written on it with jeans.My mom would usually tell me to go back inside and change,but this time she did not have time to!I thought everyone was going to stare at me and look at me very weirdly,but no one actually cared about what I was wearing!

Mission accomplished!

After all,its not the way you look or dress up as,but your attitude that matters.Most people in the ceremony  were surprised by the fact that I wasn’t like any other girl!

We all try to make good impressions to the eyes of other people…but honestly,you know what matters more?

The way you think of yourself.Be yourSelf.

It doesn’t matter if you are clumsy or ugly.

I am very clumsy.But i like being clumsy.There was a time I would cry over all of this ,but I’m Going to stop.

They may call you ugly.It doesn’t matter.Ugly and pretty are not always related to appearances.Make what you feel is the worst quality of yourself and call it the best!

You don’t need make-up.But dont forget to wear that beautiful smile of yours.

Be happy and keep in mind,BE-YOU-TIFUL

Lots of love,



5 thoughts on “Teenage girl issues.

  1. That’s great. Often people are so worried about appearance and etiquette that they become different people in the process. But when you dare to be you, you might have a few looks shot your way, yet in the end, you’ll make more of an impression.


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