True friendship?

Friendship.This word to me right now is basically another synonym of a random word I don’t know.

Like seriously.I have a lot of friends.Like a lot.

But not all of ’em are “true” friends.I am lost here.I don’t know what true friendship is but I do know whatever friendship I am involved in is true or not.

Yesterday,my friend came over and she literally sat on the opposite of my bed and meddled with her phone.I just didn’t know what to do!

Another situation,I had been friends with a girl whose name I am not going to mention (obviously because this is an anonymous blog).let’s just refer to this girl’s name as G1.She was one person who was hated by in my entire grade but when I became friends with her I really liked her.I then introduced her to my other friends…and guess what.I was betrayed! She didn’t even talk to me or wave to me when she walked past.And again this year,we ended up being in the same class,and she was all Mrs•Nicepants to me.Then again found new friends and betrayed me.AGAIN!!! 

Now that’s what I’m talking about.I don’t know what to do…and who I can rely on.One thing I know for sure I can rely on you guys.

Comment down below if you are in the same situation…share your side of the story and help me out here!

With loads of love,



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