Hello world,I’m starting here…


This is a little awkward.I’m honestly knew to blogging and all…And the reason I’m starting a blog is because I want a space to share my opinions,fears,embarassing incidents,likings,addictions, etc. Well why not a diary? I seriously don’t understand the point of a diary because I write stuff and literally keep everything to myslef and say something to a book which wouldn’t reply. But here, in a blog I feel like if I say something I would get comments (negative and positive) ,well atleast related to something I said and get me thinking.so yeah.Here I am.

My blog may not have a particular theme or anything  but it’s basically this space where we can be honest with each other and help each other solve our problems.I’ve experienced a lot of problems which I wish I hadn’t but I will make sure I share it and be completely honest in this “space”(this blog).If you have experienced similar stuff or know a way out of whatever shit I am in..pls do me a favour by commenting down below.We might not know each other but this blog of mine is gonna be a bubble of secrets which I wouldn’t let anyone else pop.

I’m a teenage girl,who is addicted to music,TV,books,football and K-DRAMA .So I will also be posting few updates of those.And food.So,here goes my first blog post where both of us,you and me can be honest with each other.I am also an amateur writer and I write short poetic briefs about the books I love and will be posting those for sure too!

With love,



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