Fire & Flood🔥

Welcome to brimstone bleed.

What would you do to save someone you love?

How far will you go to survive?

Would you kill to Save a life?

Every year,people endeavor to find a cure

Race through jungles,oceans and more.

But there is often more truth found,

When we sleep than we wake

For,the cure comes from the same place

The disease was made.

She has been told to win or demolish

This is the why behind the reason

It will change everything.

Though her brain demands for silence

Every muscle of hers screams for flight.

Will she make the right decision?

The only choice she has left…

Is to…

Save or destroy.


This is one of my poetic briefs of the book,FIRE and FLOOD.

It’s an amazing book series and you should try it out too if you are a reader.

With love,



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