“Love wins”

“Love is the only rational act”
~ Morrie Schwartz

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new things

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I enter my new room and my cozy wooden bunk bed is replaced with a fancy white cot I look around at my room where I have organised all the little things that I love High above the bed,golden fairy lights glow brighter than ever I stare at my study and a neat planner is […]

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Ah! I’ve honestly spoken about everything from fear to teenage girl issues and flaws… Guess what I missed on?? Happiness. “Do what makes you happy.” Heard that somewhere?YES EVERYWHERE. But tell me honestly,when we see a poster saying “Be happy always” or something cheesy related to happiness aren’t we all just like, “Whatever” In 14 […]

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Fat pride

Please don’t judge the title thank you 😂 So recently,I attended this workshop on personality development ’cause I got a spot for free and I was like why waste it so I ended up going … It’s like this 5 hour long class for 9 days straight.I didn’t attend every single day as the workshop […]

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I’m alive + my brother.

well yeah. A lot of things happened in two months and I don’t think I can fit it all in one blog. But yeah,I would surely introduce you to my brother. My brother and I have a very… Complicated relationship:/ We have had our ups and downs but now we are in a position where […]

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